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Better times. Raw footage, hit and run.

Original LOOSE r32.

So this went around the world. ~30k notes, uploaded by various posers to Youtube and Facebook with views in the hundred thousands. The comments on it are hilarious for the most part.

Apparently it also made it onto the channel 4 program RudeTube, the one with that annoying presenter.

One more time with feeling - the Original LOOSE r32 (security camera missed-the-turning vtec me-on-my-way-home  VG30DETT total bullshit bastard)

You’re a weird sort of people, internet.

We mostly do motion pictures now.

Check the rest of Dan’s single lens trickery out.


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LOOSE Crew's second outing to Lydden Hill Circut in Kent and the first group outing this year.
Jordan Robinson (White R34), Joe Dunlop (Green Pig S14), Simon T (Wine R32), Lee (Black r32), Ross Westwood (Beige Burnt S13)
Crewed By: Ollie, Marg, Billiy, Dean and Dan.

SUPPORT DRIFTING AT LYDDEN HILL -Thanks for another very well run awesome day of drifting!

All Filmed on Go Pro Hero HD 2

Disneys Mad Hatters Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland
Feeder - Insomnia

When we roll out on tracks we just gotta thrash!

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This is a little something to keep you up on our day to day. Follow it.

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